Blog Post 10-22-12

This week, I found the entire website, ‘,’ to be incredibly interesting. It may sound a little strange, but I had no idea that there was a site like this for people to use freely. Sites like this I feel are extremely important and useful for people to use in order for research and just to explore the past. I was surprised to see how in depth the maps were and was impressed by the detail some contained. I am not sure if was actually reading any of them correctly, but besides that, they were very cool to look at.

I think technology and websites like this are good signs of advancement in technology for us. A lot of times, people always debate whether or not technology is considered “good advancement” due to the fact that the cyber world has now become dangerous, well some parts of it anyways. However, sites like this aim to be informative, innovative, and helpful. Students who are interested in this field of work now have an advanced outlet to practice through. Since the world is moving into a digital age, technology like this needs to be available for younger collaborators to use, which makes this tool so useful. I am not sure how long it takes to produce one of these maps, or how long it takes to upload it onto the site, but the site itself appears to be quite impressive. People can learn a lot about every day cities from here and always go into the past and discover ancient cities.

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