Blog Post 10-31-12

I know the assignment was  to read only two of Felton Reports, but I have to say, I found them incredibly interesting, so I ended up browsing through numerous ones. The data that this man collects and manages to condense into these reports is truly fascinating and I highly suggest that  people take time to at least scrim through them. I found the 2010-2011 quite interesting in the way that he modeled the report by graphing it by who he was with. It was intriguing to look at the graphs, images, and charts and noticing trends or any kind of correlation between the people he was with. What makes the reports even more interesting, is how evolved and advanced his report became over the years. For instance, the 2005 report is very simple compared to the others, and is comprised of simple graphs and images. That is not to say that it is any less interesting, but you can definitely see the advancements in technology and skill from each report.

I never knew that sites like these existed, and now that I do, it is fascinating to see how we can so easily document our lives. If people took the time, I think everyone could report their lives just like Felton. It would require tremendous work, but it would be fascinating to see. You can learn so many facts about a person from these little tad bits of information. But, not only is is beneficial for people to learn facts about yourself, but you can also help yourself learns facts about yourself. There would be so many re-occurring themes if I did reports like these, and you can even find some in Felton’s reports. All in all, these reports were extremely fascinating to look at, and I think tools like these should be more open for regular people to exploit.

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