Revised Research Quuestion

How has the invention of 3D technology in movies transformed the industry since the 2000’s? – This was found using flick commons. I found this picture to be quite resonating and funny. Many films that have been released recently that are in 3D, or claim to be using the 3D technology to it’s fullest have always been criticized as being terrible films. Many movies are trying to use this gimmick to appeal to certain people, and mainly children. They lose track of what a quality film is and just focus on this 3D nonsense.

Through the mason library, there are a lot of titles that came up dealing with the production aspect of using 3D animation and technology. This is relevant to this research question, because despite 3D technology typically being generalized as negative concept for the film industry, it does show a step forward in technology and it also has opened up many new jobs for animators and editors.

On Archive Finder, there were really no archives to be found which has any relevance to 3D films. I was not too surprised, considering this subject is a bit more modern compared to most of the archives that are listed in the site. .

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